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About Certified
For the fourth straight year, Volkswagen has won the “INTELLICHOICE TOP CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED MANUFACTURER PROGRAM”.  This award is given each year at the National Remarketing and Used Car Expo.  The factors that play into the award are Warranty, Inspections, Return and Exchange provisions, Special Financing offered, Compliance and Used Vehicle Brand Value.  Jim Furney, the owner of Volkswagen of Rome stated “We are really enthused to have this award again”. 

Rome Volkswagen has been recognized regionally as the sales leader in the Certified Pre-Owned program.  Jim went on to say “We know we have a great product to sell, honestly these cars sell themselves on the test drive, I just think its nice to see the product recognized as such".  Tim Pieper, the General Manager of Volkswagen of Rome stated “We are working hard with our corporate staff to continue to enhance awareness and benefits of this great program".  Tim went on to say “Warranty is what I find to be the most important attribute to this program, our service department goes far beyond the required one hundred twelve point check, but to the customer its almost always about how well they are covered on their used car purchase".  The Volkswagen Certified Pre-owned award winning program features a two year twenty four thousand mile warranty, not just a power train but a bumper to bumper warranty.  In the last four years, about 60% of Rome Volkswagen's customers have taken advantage of this certified pre-owned program.

About Safety
Having a great certified program is a nice feature to offer consumers, but historically Volkswagen customers have always been interested in safety.  Most Volkswagen models have a five star crash test rating front and side impact.  All except the Beetle and Rabbit come with eight air bags (Beetle and Rabbit have six).  Every Volkswagen is built with the family especially the kids in mind.  All Volkswagens come with lower anchors and tethers.  Even the steering wheel is made to absorb impact by collapsing and easing the impact on the driver.  The driver and passengers of Volkswagens are the safest on the road with a cage that is designed to absorb the impact in a front or side collision and distribute that energy away from the cab, thanks to innovative developments in reinforced anti-intrusion side door beams, and a collapsible front and rear end.  Everyone knows there is no better way to survive an accident than to avoid one, and that is why you will find antilock brakes, traction control, and power assist steering to help you stay in control of your vehicle at all times.  As Jim Furney, the owner of Rome Volkswagen said “Many customers have come back and bought another VW after having a severe accident and hearing from the police and emergency medics that their Volkswagen saved their life”.

Volkswagen of Rome Service
Having an award winning warranty program and a safe car is just the beginning. Great service is the key to customer satisfaction. Last year Rome Volkswagen finished ranked Number One in the Eastern region in total customer satisfaction, and third in the country out of 183 dealers. We finished the year with a score of 98.5! A big part of satisfying the customer is fixing the car right the first time. Customers don’t have time in their busy schedules to bring the car back a second time to be repaired. We finished last year with an amazing score of 96.9 in Fixing the car right the first time. Rick Pelc, the Service Manager of Rome Volkswagen, with more than thirty years experience, accepted the award on behalf of Rome Volkswagen. He said “Service is an art that, we pride ourselves on.” It is a total team effort. Our factory trained technicians, our award winning Parts Department, our caring Service Advisers and our skilled Detail shop make all the difference. Rick stated “We have grown in leaps and bounds over the last 6 years, and can only continue to grow by keeping our customers happy.” We listen intently to the customers concerns and translate them to our technicians to ensure our customers have as little an interruption in their life as possible. We offer local shuttles, rentals and extended hours to our customers to make servicing their cars more convenient. We thank and appreciate all of our customers. They are what makes us strive to be Number One in making them happy.

Award winning service, award winning safety, and an award winning certified pre-owned program. It’s no wonder that Rome Volkswagen is the fastest growing Volkswagen Dealership in the region.

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