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    • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection*

      Free estimate provided on needed Service & Parts.

      C.V. joint boots
      Exhaust system
      Fluid levels
      Exterior lights
      Ball joints and tie rods
      Tire wear and air pressure
      Cooling system and hoses

      *See your Volkswagen dealer for details.

    • Tire Rotation Special*

      Tire replacement is very expensive. Rotating tires will often prolong tire life! Your tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles.

      *See dealer for complete details.

    • Brake Fluid Special*

      You should replace your battery fluid every two years. Keep contaminants out of the fluid to maximize braking efficiency!

      *See dealer for complete details.

    • Four Wheel Alignment*

      A misaligned vehicle can cause premature tire wear, and poor fuel economy. Have your vehicle aligned with the state-of-the-art Hunter Alignment System.

      *(Additional parts or labor extra)

    • Is your car starting slowly?*

      We will perform a Free battery check to tell you the condition of your battery. Don't wait until it won't start! Call and make an appointment today.

      *Additional parts or labor extra

    • Is your check engine light on?*

      We will perform a Free code scan to let you know what the problem might be.

      *(Additional diagnosis, parts or labor extra)